AAAS's journal science
This feed works fine with feedly and not on newsblur. Contents can be fetched once when first added, then never again. The rest of my feeds all work great tho I have purchased premium and hope to keep using newsblur.

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Looks like that URL gives a 404 not found.

hmm if I search “science: current issue” this pops up and apparently with 202 subscribers. So it’s the sciencemag website not working properly?

Looks like it. They either changed RSS feed URLs without updating the old URL, or they just got rid of their RSS feeds. More likely they just upgraded their CMS and didn’t take into account the old URLs. If you email them they usually correct it, since it’s a lot of readers! A 301 Redirect to the new URL is easy to add and works perfectly on NewsBlur’s side.

Here’s the full list of Science’s RSS feeds.

-from a fellow scientist

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Thank you!