A great title: two irksome UI issues

OK, two things. Looking at the feed for ‘The Writer’s Almanac’, the middle part of the screen has a window to the blog in the upper area, and a selection list of recent posts by subject line in the lower area. If I single click an entrey in the lower list, it nicely positions the upper window to that entry. If I double click, the upper area navigates to the blog entry, but ALWAYS the most recent blog entry page, not the one I double click.

ALSO, your ‘Recommended Site’ is Aeon Magazine. If I click the ‘Try It’ button, the list box at the lower left to subscribe opens up and Aeon, indeed, is the entry in the text bos, but if I move my mouse at all, it moves to some other entry in the list of recent recommendations, and Aeon is suddenly nowhere to be found.

Otherwise, great news reader. Really like it!

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You’re right, great catch! Fixed the add site url input box to not have its content overwritten when you mouseover the autocomplete entries.