A few questions

hi , i’ve been using inoreader for years now but i prefer to support open source projects , which in most cases respect people’s privacy , i have been testing the free version of newsblur and i’m loving it , i do however have some qsts

1-Do/can you make black friday deals , i’m sure it will make more people join in , so win win situation especially if you talk about it in xda , reddit , etc … , i know the current price isn’t expensive but i’m a student so i will surely grab a deal if i can

2- i love the grid view on the web client , can you add it to ios too ? it would look great on ipad , i tested both stable version and beta on testflight and neither have grid view

3-push notifications in web client seem to have a short lifespan , it doesn’t stay in notification bar in windows like other websites , i get the notification but after 5 seconds it disappears n hope you can fix this

4- i see “Sites updated up to 10x more often” as premium feature , does it mean premium users can set the refresh rate for feeds ? if so what intervals are available ?

5- can you add payment with cryptocurrency ?

6- Can Facebook pages be supported like Twitter ? what about sites that don’t have rss ?

7-for people who are selfhosting newsblur you have option to add custom domain in the ios app , can you add it in the android app as well ?

Hope these weren’t answered before as i took a look at the forum at the blog , looking forward to being a premium user and help feeding Lyric lol

Hey! I’m a user and not affiliated with NewsBlur, but as the developer has been a little busy lately with a new baby or something unimportant like that (:wink:) I wanted to see if I can provide my experience.

I don’t think I’ve seen one before. But I’m eyeballing a second account for myself if one happens and the price is right. The free tier is good enough for what I’m doing with it, but I do prefer paying for what I use.

Personally, I consider this a feature and not a bug. I have my NewsBlur iOS notifications set to do the same (appear as a popup but not stay in the notification center).

I can see how both approaches would be useful though.

As I understand it, there are no controls exposed to the user directly, but the refresh logic on NewsBlur takes into account the number of paid users subscribed to a given feed, and the frequency the feed is known to update.

To my recollection the feed actually updates for all subscribers at the same time, we are just talking about how often NewsBlur pulls from the site, but if there are no paid subscribers it will update much less frequently. But there might be some logic to intentionally slow down non-paying users even if a paying user causes the feed to update more frequently, I was only really concerned with the update logic for myself (as a paid subscriber).

I could test out if you would like, http://lorem-rss.herokuapp.com/ is crazy useful for this type of thing as you can configure it to synthesize new articles on demand, and I have a paid and free account that I can use for testing.

Also, at least for paid subscribers, if you enable notifications on a feed it will update much more frequently.

I’d use this if it turned out to be cheaper for NewsBlur than traditional payment options. I’m not requesting this myself as I’m fine paying with credit card or whatever, but I do like reducing costs associated with payment channels.

NewsBlur needs a rss/atom feed. I’m not currently aware of any sites/services that reliably generate RSS feeds for source sites that don’t have one, but I’d love to be proven wrong, especially for things like Craigslist that dumped their feeds.