A feed now points to a new site

https://www.newsblur.com/site/21698/wired-27b used to be the feed for Wired.com’s sub-blog 27b (they stopped updating that site a few years ago). I guess like 300 other people, I never removed the feed from NewsBlur. And now it’s pulling new stories from what looks like a new completely unrelated site.

I know I’ve read before that there is some logic used to keep a feed working in the event of a redirect and such, and I’m wondering if something along those lines occurred here?

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If you go to Statistics, you’ll see that a feed needs to be explicitly redirected to a new site 10 times before NewsBlur lets it happen. In this case, notice that the feed url is the same: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/wired27b

So it looks like somebody took over that URL and is now publishing “Best cheap phones”. Feels like they are taking advantage of a lapse in url ownership at feedburner.

I should have mentioned that in my initial comment, because I was assuming that was another possibility.