A couple of feed not working.

This site:
and this one:

The first is stuck at October 2010th, the second simply doesn’t fetch anything.

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The issue with the keychain rss feed is as follows:

>>> fp = feedparser.parse(‘http://feeds.feedburner.com/KeychainO…)
>>> fp.entries[0][‘link’]
>>> fp.entries[1][‘link’]
>>> fp.entries[2][‘link’]

They’re all the same! Every story points back to the same URL. Not much I can do, since NewsBlur sees the story and assumes that because the links are the same, the stories are the same. The feed author needs to fix the feed.

As for amazing super powers, I was able to add it successfully and see the latest 5 comics. Try it again, see if that works.

OK, Get Satisfaction is cutting off my URLs. They are all pointing to this: feedproxy.google.com/~r/KeychainOfCreation/~3/qJhuuGY7aW8/

Ok, now amazing works again, without me doing anything. Funny.

I sent an email to patternspider, the keychain author.

Some feeds can do that. Tumblr is notorious for serving 500 errors for its RSS feeds, and after enough 500 errors, NewsBlur assumes the feed is broken. I have a cleanup script that runs overnight that tries to clean up any mistakenly broken feeds, but it can take up to 24 hours to work, and this assumes that the feed will be working again in that time. Otherwise, NewsBlur gives up on it until the feed is made active again by a new user or an existing user forcing it to update.