A button to open the next feed

At the end of the feed, add a button or use an existing icon. A button to open the next feed + “mark all as read”. You can also add a transition to the next feed by swiping up.
There is a topic with a similar suggestion, but there is for all versions. And I offer only for the mobile version.
Alternatively, you can add this functionality to the existing “mark all as read” button.

The “mark all as read” button (or keyboard shortcut Shift+A) on desktop moves to the next feed after you click it – at least for me. There’s a setting to change that on desktop. I don’t see a similar setting in the Android app, though. Maybe instead of a new button or changing this button’s behavior for everyone, there could be a similar setting added in the app. I’d give it at least three options: the two currently available on desktop, and “return to the list of feeds” (like it currently does in the app). That way, people could keep whatever setting they currently use most on desktop or the current app behavior, and there shouldn’t be complaints asking for it to go back to how it used to be.

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What I suggest is convenient to do with one hand.

It would be very convenient. I watched the tape to the end, swiped up or pressed the button. And moved on to the next feed.