A bunch of suggestions that would make me not want to kill myself.

I love Newsblur, but sometimes it makes me want to kill myself (not literally – don’t worry). I just added about 3,000 feeds and have been trying to train them but some actions – like moving a feed into another folder or deleting a feed, are really hard on my poor computer. Other actions are needlessly repetitive – like selecting the same keywords over and over again and moving feeds one at a time.

So while I’ve been torturing myself, trying to get those 3,000 feeds trained, I have been thinking about what features I would like to see. These are my suggestions.

  1. Make it possible to mute entire folders with a single click. (That way I could work on training one folder while ignoring everything else and my computer wouldn’t get slowed down as much.)

  2. Make it possible to move the entire contents of one folder into another folder (without moving the folder itself).

  3. Make it possible to select multiple individual feeds and move them to a different folder.

  4. Have a basic mode that lets you turn off all graphics and whatever else slows down Newsblur (sometimes it is PAINFULLY slow). It should be a single on/off switch for all feeds so it’s easy to switch back and forth depending on my connection speed at the moment or whatever.

  5. Have a way to train everything in a folder at once. ***** If you can only do one of these changes, please pick this one. *********Just let me type in a keyword and make it green or red for an entire folder and I will be the happiest person alive. It will save me days of work.


speculation on 4): the little graphic indicating “updating in real-time” might be a performance issue, at least on the home page (if you have more general performance issues, i dunno)…any time the main newsblur page has focus (on chrome dev here) my cpu is running heavy for no other apparent reason

Maybe these ideas should be filed as separate posts?

I strongly support 2) and 3) …I was very, very disappointed when I upgraded to Premium, then I imported some dozens of new feeds and then realized I had to manually move them inside folders.

Also 4) makes much sense to me.

I’m still new to training, so I won’t comment on 1) and 5) yet.

Working on an Organizer as we speak to allow you to perform batch edits on feeds. I’m hoping to ship it within the month.