A Broken Washington Post Feed

A Washington Post feed is broken, displaying the same items over and over again:  https://www.newsblur.com/site/65008/wapo-national


I have one washington post article showing up repeatedly and newsblur won’t display the content. Wonder if the WP is broken in this case rather than newsblur?

I’m not sure what you’re seeing, but it looks OK to me this morning.

Yeah. Not seeing it anymore. I was seeing the same headline over and over. Something about a lunar eclipse. It wasn’t showing any content for it. I don’t think it was a newsblur issue.

Problem is back I’m seeing this same post over and over. If I double tap it to load it, I just get a blank screen that says loading at the top forever. If I hit the share button to open it in Safari, Newsblur app crashes.

If I just look at the WP feed alone, It looks and works normally without showing this article.