403 error on science.org

Getting HTTP Error 403 (Forbidden) with https://www.science.org/rss/news_current.xml (with Newsblur paid account)

However I can see it just fine in my browser, and feed validator can access it ok (it isn’t valid, but doesn’t look like critical failure, and anyway 403 is an auth issue).

Could they be blocking newsblur IP or something? but as I understand it newsblur.com uses batching and caching so each user here with that feed isn’t causing a hit

Oh and https://www.science.org/blogs/pipeline/feed is working fine, so that is weird.

Looks fine on my local machine, and it’s showing 403’s on the web, which means they are blocking NewsBlur. You should email them this template:

Hi, I use NewsBlur.com, an RSS reader, and your RSS feed stopped working on February 24th. NewsBlur just changed hosting providers and now has a different set of IPs. NewsBlur’s IPs are being blocked (HTTP 403). I’d like to request that they are unblocked. Here is a handy list of IP addresses that NewsBlur uses: https://www.newsblur.com/api/ip_addresses/

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This weekend, The Daily Wire stopped working too.
I’ve emailed them and am keeping my fingers crossed.