2 year subscription, three payments?

I just subscribed to NewsBlur for one year by credit card paying $36 ONCE. (No, I did not push the send button two or three times!)

Under “Manage / Account” I get the message: “Your premium account is paid until: » Monday, January 4, 2021” repeat: 2021. This would be TWO years.

Payment history states even THREE payments:

2019-01-05 $36 stripe
2019-01-05 $36 stripe
2019-01-05 $36 stripe

What is wrong? Do I have to alert my bank?


Your account is fine and it’s now fixed. It’s a bug that I’ve tried to fix at least three times and I have no idea why it continues. It only hits every tenth transaction, but for some reason it gets duplicated 2-3 times. All it ever doe sis give you a free extra year of premium, so I don’t sweat it that much, since you’ll still get auto-charged. Plus I built a cleanup script that runs once a week to automatically fix these. But you saw it before the cleanup ran.

Not sure what to do about it other than pencil in another attempt at fixing it.

Thanks a lot. NewsBlur is really fantastic.