12.9 Inch iPad Pro Split View

I was under the impression that in split view on a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, NewsBlur would remain in the iPad configuration but instead it seems to turn into the iPhone view with only one column. Is there a setting to keep NewsBlur in the iPad view in split screen?

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It depends on the width of the split and your orientation.

In landscape orientation, if you have the split set as 50/50 then NewsBlur uses the iPhone (single-column) layout; if you have it 70/30 then it picks the iPad (multicolumn) layout.  I think it’d be squashed to the point of unusability if you were to try to compress it further with the stories at left

In portrait orientation it depends whether or not you have the stories at bottom — if you have the stories at the bottom then it keeps them there, otherwise you get the iPhone layout.

One possibility for the future might be to have the ability to have stories at bottom in landscape on the 12.9" iPad Pro, since you’d likely have enough vertical space to make this useful.