~1,000 saved stories disappeared

Two days ago, I had around 1700 saved stories. Today I have around 700. Can I have them back, please?

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I’ve noticed a similar issue. Sometime between yesterday afternoon (no earlier than maybe 2pm ET) and yesterday night (no later than maybe 2am ET), my saved story count dropped from ~1800 to ~1200. I don’t particularly expect them to be recoverable (which is unfortunate, and I expect I’ll throw together a backup script for my saved stories sometime this week to safeguard against this in the future), but I do want to confirm the bug.

What’s more likely is that the cached count is more accurate now. No saved stories could have been deleted, but the counter has been rewritten. I’ll look into it, but saved stories are rarely deleted. I clean out old saved stories from non-premiums users who haven’t logged in since Google Reader shut down, but that was a while ago.

Last week I read 20 of them and the count went down by 20 as expected. That’s the most I’ve read in the past few months, so I doubt caches are involved. Unless your counting algorithm is really fuzzy.

Thanks for looking into it.

Update: now my saved stories count is back up to where it was before. Phew!

I’ll use this opportunity to say … Samuel, if you ever do plan some sort of retention-limit or purge on saved stories, you might want to give people a heads up and migration time. I’m working much harder than with GReader to actually *read* my Saved items in a timely manner, but it’s not FIFO, and they’re my most precious items.

Hrm … I should be backing them up, too, I guess. Is there a convenient way to export the URLs?

Nope, I never plan to expunge premium users saved stories. Free users who haven’t logged in in a few months are another story.