Zapier Feed Doesn't Want To Update

This week I started forwarding the daily cartoon e-mails that I get to a Zapier RSS feed that I then added to NewsBlur. For some reason NewsBlur doesn’t want to update the feed, showing repeated timeouts, even though the feed shows that there are items in it. Can you check it and tell me what’s going on?…

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Bump. As a test, I put the feed into Feedly and it seems to update fine. NewsBlur keeps saying “Time out (505)”, which I don’t know what that means. I ran it through the W3C validator, and it validated.

Any help?

Sorry, I tried for a while to get this feed to work. It’s just taking too long for Python’s feedparser to parse. I even changed the default timeout from 20 to 30, but it wasn’t enough.

I recommend changing the feed to have fewer stories. That will make it more likely to work.

That’s strange, since it only has 3 per day. That’s too many?