Yesterday non of my feeds were updating, now only a few

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Maybe it was an Amazon problem. I got new updates on my feeds

None of my feeds have updated since yesterday morning.

My feeds still aren’t updating…:frowning:

I can get updates if I run instafetch on my individual feeds. Some of the articles are from the 20th.

I had one feed (that I’ve found so far) that still wasn’t working correctly after the others started working again. Deleting it and re adding it seems to have kickstarted back into life. It wasn’t updating and an Insta-Fetch would only ever retrieve 15 stories. After a delete and re-add it showed 155 unread, and strangely all the little blocks of 15 stories that it had pulled in yesterday were correctly marked as read.

Not convinced systems are at 100% yet, or perhaps just individual feeds like this are borked.

I wish they could provide a fix that everyone could use. Hoping they are working on it.

They are fixing it, should be back up and running in the next hour. See this much longer thread:…