Yes, I read those items already. No, really. Really!

I’m not sure if the problem is with the Hacker News RSS feed or with Newsblur, but I have marked all items read (using the down arrow icon to the left of the site name at the top) several times and they keep coming back as unread when I go to Newsblur later. The feed seemed like it was not getting all the same items shown at, which is why I’m not positive it’s a Newsblur problem. I have also marked all as read by right-clicking on HN in my list of feeds, but that doesn’t fix the problem.


Did this just start yesterday?

This also started for me yesterday with the HN feed.

Yes. Thanks for looking into this, Sam.

I see this as well, and only on my HN feed too.

Looks like it’s straightened out now.

I do not see this as fixed; HN is still refreshing with 30 or so items I’ve marked as read.

I’m still seeing this too.

I have this issue with Drudge Report

Actually it’s not fixed. It added a bunch of new articles, which I marked as read. After closing newsblur and re-opening, they were marked read, but when I came back several hours later they were unread again.

OK, I reverted Friday’s commit and new items should no longer appear sporadically in feeds.

Confirmed; HN now behaves properly for me.

Looks good. Thanks, Samuel!