Yahoo pipe feed pop-up error.

I subscribe to the following pipe…

There is a cosmetic problem. I get a pop-up which reads: “The Page at says: Problem Running Pipe” I click ok and I get the updated feed. So, I get the feeds but there is this interstitial error pop-up.

No biggie, just an annoyance.

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Yeah, not much I can do about that. Although when I added the feed, both the Original view and Feed view worked fine. Are you using the Story view? The Original view didn’t show me anything, but the Feed view does its job.

It was on Original. However, I just tried it without error. Previously whenever I tried getting an updated feed (clicking on the feedname) I’d get the pop up. Now it’s behaving.

Thanks for looking in to it.

Ooops, the pop up is back today.