wrong feed when add a new site

i added http://robots.thoughtbot.com/ to my blog list and newsblur added https://learn.thoughtbot.com/giantrob…
that’s not exactly what i expected, because the learn…-adress are podcasts only.

maybe newblur should prefer the main rss feed marked on the sites source code

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Did you entered RSS link directly or you wrote the link and choose the one of the recommendation? If you did the second one, you may clicked the wrong one by mistake.

I’m not sure why but recommendations doesn’t always show the main RSS first, I didn’t checked it carefully but maybe Newsblur recommends most subscribed ones first.

I don’t know what happened on your side but I saw this and thought this may be the reason.

i added the main link (http://robots.thoughtbot.com/) and have not choosen any recommendation.

(1) click the + icon on the lower left
(2) enter the url http://robots.thoughtbot.com/
(3) choose an category
(4) click on add site

(btw recommendations appear when i enter this url)

the link rel=“alternate” url on this site is feed://feeds.feedburner.com/GiantRobotsSmashingIntoOtherGiantRobots
maybe the parser dislikes the feed:// ?

Yes, possibly something about feed:// makes this go wrong. I tried to add site from feedburner link and added http:// instead of feed:// and worked properly.

To be honest, this is the first time I saw someting like feed://, maybe Newsblur system doesn’t coded to recognize it. And possibly when it couldn’t recognize this, looks for another feed close for your link and adds podcast instead of main RSS.

i searched some informations and found this wikipedia entry

but i think that feed:// links are very uncommon. … maybe this ‘problem’ can be closed or handled with very low priority