Wrong credit card charge to wrong credit card

I am writing this publicly, because the last time, my mail was never answered:

  • I joined NewsBlur last year after the Google Shutdown and paid 24$ for the subscription using the credit card of my father (I did not have one at the time; they are not that common in Germany)
  • In October 2013, I got a credit card myself and therefore, changed my credit card information. Newsblur immediately charged the new credit card, even though, I had 9 month left on my previous subscription. I mailed Samuel but never got an answer, however I was satisfied with the service at that time, so I let it go
  • Today (12 month after the initial subscription), I was charged again, even though my account says “Your premium account will renew on: Sunday, October 26, 2014”. To make matters worse, it was not my credit card that was charged but the inital credit card of my father.

To be honest, that is a very serious problem, because right now, you don’t have the authorization to charge this credit card (e.g. that’s why I changed the information in my account). I hope you can fix this issue as soon as possible!


You have to send a personal email to Samuel samuel@newsblur.com

If you’ve emailed me, I can guarantee I’ve sent a response. I clean out my inbox every week. Some emails sit there a bit longer, but never payment issues. I bet you’ve emailed the wrong address or it was never sent. Please email me at samuel@newsblur.com. I’ll be cleaning out my inbox a couple times this week as I’m going on vacation in a week.

I already sent an email yesterday to samuel@newsblur.com at 11:46 o’clock (CEST; UTC+2). The last mail was sent on October 26th, 2013 at 14:43 o’clock (CEST, UTC+2).