Wrong authors shown next to some articles in "All Stories" view

In the “All Stories” view some articles have the wrong author displayed next to them.

Comparing the list of articles in the app with those on the website, I just noticed that the articles that have the wrong author in the app seem to be those that have no author on the website - because the feed has no author information. Examples:

In the attached screenshot the Dilbert post and the Brazil Google Doodle have the wrong authors. (Alex Chitu writes the Google Operating System blog; “Timothy” is Timothy Lord, a Slashdot editor. I’m subscribed to both of those feeds.)

NewsBlur app version: 4.0.0b1
Device: Nexus 5, Android 4.4.4

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Beta 2 is coming out tomorrow, will hopefully fix this issue.

Thanks - I’ll check it out!

This isn’t fixed in 4.0.0.b2 I’m afraid. If I scroll up and down in the app the author shown next to the articles that don’t have authors in the feed keep changing!

I’ve seen some articles in the app without an author next to them; but if I scroll up and down an (incorrect) author name appears.

Ah-ha, so it only happens when the story has no author but the cell is cacing an author?

Recorded and will be fixed soon: https://github.com/samuelclay/NewsBlu…

Ah yes - that would explain where the incorrect author comes from. Thanks!

Does seem to be fixed in 4.0.0.b3. Thanks!