Worst alternative to G Reader yet

This is a piece of s**t. I just paid 24$ for nothing. Doesn’t update properly, doesn’t import properly, doesn’t mark as read properly.
And did I mention it doesn’t update?

Side by side, today, Newsblur, Feeldy and Google Reader, Newsblur is by far the worst.

I mean, Feedly gets 500k new users and it’s up and running (Free!) and Newsblur gets 5k new users, paid users, and fails.



Why be patient? The only reason I’ve chosen Newsblur over Feedly is the sharing feature (was pretty usefull when it worked in Google Reader). But if I’ve no articles to share, no way.
Feedly is better at sharing on social networks, is updated properly, is fast. The major point for Newsblur is the more familiar interface and the sharing internally. But bugs are too major. I can understand minor bugs. Product not functional, nope.

Got a message about Netvibes. Sorry, never really liked it.

Hi Samuel,

I can imagine that you would be getting hammered at the moment with all the new users.

Another item to add to your list is that I’m having trouble deleting feeds and folders.

As the import did not work properly I was trying to delete them and start again.

Hopefully you can get through these bugs so we can start using this before Google reader closes.


Did you forget that Feedly is STILL using the Google Reader as the back end? It hasn’t switched over to it’s supposed new system yet. So…

NewsBlur is ok. It’s having issues, but that is due to the sudden influx of people. It’s getting better.

You do that Feedly is fast because it is still using Google Reader. Wait until they switch over in a few months and then see how it is…

Course the genius who is complaining doesn’t seem to know that Feedly is still using Google Reader as a backend. So…whatever…

I would rather go through these pains now while reader is still available as a backup then with feedly going to their system when reader shuts down and I can’t fall back to reader for a couple days during tech problems.


I’m guessing Newsblur will happily refund cireasa’s premium membership.

I love Newsblur, and after I trialed it for a short amount of time I became a member. Like most things in life, Newsblur isn’t for everyone, apparently.

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So … it’s not working, but I’m the bad guy?

Yes. You are being unnecessarily insulting.


I’m sorry Will, here’s the thing:

  • is Newsblur working? NO
  • can you (successfully) import your Google Reader feeds? NO
  • can you (successfully) use ANY feature of the product other than the logout button? NO
  • do you have to pay for a non-functional product? YES

This is my experience with Newsblur. And this is what a “piece of sh*t” means! You can correct me if I’m wrong, and if I’m the one doing something wrong, I’ll appologise. Until then, ppl need to know what they’re signing up for, don’t you think?

PS: my bad with Feedly, I really didn’t know it still used Google’s backend. But then again, it’s working, isn’t it? You can’t afford scaling at the moment? Good, nobody’s blaming you. Scale in time, but keep the product working.

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Why the hurry if Google Reader is still fully available and functional? Just wait a week (worth 0,42 $) and most of the problems will be gone. NewsBlur worked like a charm for years until it was flooded by new users last week.

If you can’t be patient go away and stop insulting the NewsBlur developer and do absurd comparisons. Things will be back to normal sooner for everyone when Samuel uses his time to work on the product, instead of answering on unhelpful and insulting rants.


Well, you basically spouted a whole bunch of abuse which showed no apparent understanding of the situation the site and Samuel are currently trying to cope with. It’s not exactly what I’d describe as “constructive criticism”.

Just to say I paid to support newsblur - even when it’s slow and unreliable at the moment, but a thing like this must be quite overwhelming, certainly for a one-man-shop.

The reason I supported this is because I like a platform like this, because I will need it. While it’s not perfect, it’s the platform that looked the most promising to me, has been around for a while, and I want to make sure this platform stays and becomes better. I perfectly understand that there are issues right now, which can’t be solved overnight and are pretty complicated/difficult problems to solve.

That there are mobile apps available pushed me over, and the fact that I could set up my own server, and look at the code, makes me pretty confident about the whole thing.

Keep up the good work!


"- is Newsblur working? NO "

It works for me and certainly a lot of other users. The only period where it didn’t worked at all (most of the time) was on Thursday last week, when it was basically DDoSed by new users. A lot of work was done (obviously) and it worked for me since Friday using the “developer version” and Android app:

There are still some problems with feeds not getting updated in time or unread articles popping up again, but that is far away from “nothing works expect the logout button”. Outdated feeds can be manually updated by using “Insta-fetch stories” and you maybe have to mark an article twice before it’s accepted as read.

Maybe the Google Reader import fails, but if you don’t get more specific and stay to “nothing works, everything sucks” there is no way to help you.

can we pay you to leave?

For someone that hates the service so much I am surprised that you are sticking around just to complain. Talk with Samuel about your issues or just leave.

I came to Newsblur in the middle of the “disasterous income” of exReeders (being one of them). It took me cca 10 attempts to sign up, still my Google Reader got imported. It’s much better experience now. For me, the answers for cireasa are:Is working? YES Can you import successfully? I DID. Can I use any button? YES, all of them. YOu have to pay? NO, go to Feedly or anywhere else. I know I won’t miss you, with your attitude.

I got here from reader. Sure, things began slow at first but stuff imports and updates fine now. No problem. A little understanding goes a long way… Also have a feedly account, but hate the ‘flashynesh’ of the whole thing. Newsblur is the way to go! Kudos.

@cireasa For what it’s worth Newsblur worked fine before the incoming traffic due to the Google announcement about Reader being discontinued. So I can tell you that it does work and will work once Samuel works out the scaling issues cased by the huge influx of users.