[work around] - for problem with feeds not updating

I have found that if i right click the individual feed and select “Insta-fetch Stories”

I know this is not a fix, but if Samuel is really going to be out for 2 weeks and people needs the get their feeds updated, its a work around. not a great one for people like me with a lot of feeds, but hey, it seems to work.


Just tried this, but all I got was a never-ending spinning arrow next to the feed.

Even it did work, that’d be a real pain for the next 2 weeks. It’s easy to (temporarily) switch to something else using “Download OPML” in Preferences to get a list of your feeds. I’m using theoldreader.com.

It’s not working in every case. I believe it may be dependent on the number of feeds you’re subscribed to, the number of unread stories etc.

I have ca. 200 feeds and managed to get some contents only for a couple of them.

Seems to work for me, at least with brief testing. I’ll get “Oh No! There was an error!” but after a moment it will update the feed in question for the latest unread. (And sometimes the other ones as well, oddly enough.)

Thanks for sharing that!

Agreed. This just doesn’t work. Insta-fetch is broken for some, if not all, feeds. neverending spinning arrow and “Oh No! There was an error” is displayed in the footer.

The Old Reader - Feedly and Inoreader are all possible alternatives if this becomes a long drawn out problem

This works for about half of the feeds I tried. Takes a while to go to the site to see if there are actually new articles, come back to insta-fetch, and see what appears. To verify if this is a reliable work-around.

Definitely a possible short-term solution for a few of my top fav feeds. I couldn’t do this for all 1497 of them for two weeks. Too bad it doesn’t work at the folder level.

By far, switching to all stories & newest first has fixed it for me, I can even go back to oldest first and unread stories afterwards and still keep the missing stories.

This solution helped me:


Thank you, Christopher Wheeler!

I got help from this topic, https://getsatisfaction.com/newsblur/… This tells you to download your OPML file from the settings gear -> Account -> Backup your sites download OPML. Then, import those sites back into NewsBlur through settings gear -> Import or Upload -> Upload OPML. When I did this, nothing moved or duplicated, but I did have a few new posts from my existing sites. I’m not sure if this will work continually for the interim or only work for the updates leading up to the moment when I re-uploaded the OPML file… it’s really hard to tell.

Additionally, if I switch to the “ALL” view instead of the grey dot (unread) view, some of the posts I haven’t read show up - but only those. Once I read them, they disappear from the ALL view. To do this, I have to click on each individual feed, and there is no counter to show how many there are in each feed, but there are some. Again, I’m not sure if this work around is working how I expect it to, but it’s something.

Hope this helps.

It looks to me like you don’t need to instafetch, but you do have to click on the folder for each feed individually in the web interface for posts to start showing up as unread.

yes mine does this too, but if you check, the newest articles show within a few seconds. at least for the few feeds i have been trying it on.
I have about 150 feeds, and im not doing each one, just my favorite or important ones. and for those that get it to work its better than nothing. just trying to help thats all

I deleted my feeds (after downloading the OPML file first), and then re-uploaded the file. I’ve gotten articles since I’ve re-uploaded, so it looks like it might be working okay.

Hope it works for you, too!

That only works with some of my feeds. For the ones that don’t Instafetch, I just get the endless spinning wheel on the feed title. It seems those are the same feeds that don’t show anything new after switching my view from Unread to All.

BTW - Love Twin Peaks. :wink:

My workaround: Download OPML file (manage newsblur > preferences > general > backup your sites > download OPML) and upload it to digg.com. Digg’s reader is not as good as Newsblur and there is no Windows phone client, but it gets the job done.

The new stories are added, but in the read state. So my workaround is to go to “all site stories” and select “All - newest”, then I mark the post where I was as unread. Then I know what was the last thing I read.

Also, it seems marking a story as unread fixes that feed. But I’m way to lazy to fix all my feeds, just leaving a bookmark works for me.

I downloaded Bitnami’s Tiny Tiny RSS stack and uploaded my OPML file to it. All the feeds were imported, but none would update until I clicked “edit feed” and “save” in the popup. I made no other changes. Wonder if this indicates anything?

Try this maybe. I just wrote it and ran it on mine and got my feeds to all update


Maybe this will work for someone else too… I use Chrome browser and open my webpages in tabs. If I do Insta-Fetch for a feed AND then refresh the browser tab (that my NewsBlur page is on), the feed updates!