With the new release for Android, is it possible to define which folders or feeds can sync for offline usage?

I do not wish the app to sync offline all my feeds. How can I do that?


Nope, only the number of stories to sync. I may add this feature if there’s enough demand, but having seen this feature on other readers it’s not a very useful feature. Storage space is inexpensive, and all of your stories sync quite quickly, especially if you’ve already synced the day before.

Hi Samuel,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I will explain why I think it is an important feature. Right now, I have about 500 feeds, but I read only about 70 feeds on a daily basis, which means that when I am out and about and have Internet access, I can read the feeds that I wish to read on demand. However with this new offline sync feature, I will end up using a lot of my phone data for feeds I could not care much (e.g. 500-70), and this will cost me money, especially if I travel.

Is there a way to turn off offline syncing? Or is there a possibility to have syncing only through wifi?



Yes, you can turn off offline syncing in Preferences. You can also set it to only sync with wifi.

I noticed that, but my preferences were (and are) all unchecked, and it is still syncing my 30K or stories.

The preference controls whether or not stories are synced when the app is in the background or not running. If the app is *active*, it will always try to fetch unreads for your subscribed feeds. Leaving the app will stop the sync until you start reading again.

I would definitely like to have this feature. I have one folder called “Favorites” that I keep up to date on all the time. But I have a lot more feeds defined that I rarely check but don’t want to delete, either. With the latest android app update, the app has become nearly unusable. It’s spending a lot of time syncing and cleaning up storage. It’s also killing my battery. If I could, I would tell it to only update my Favorites folder, which I assume would help with the performance issues.