Windows Phone 8

Is there any chance of a Windows Phone 7/8 app? Is there a third party app for Windows Phone 7/8 that syncs with NewsBlur that I may be missing?


Nothing yet. There’s quite a few developers who have expressed interest, but nothing so far from them.

I would drop google reader and move to newsblur premium so long as the option for WP8 was there. It doesn’t have to be your own application, support for 3rd parties would be fine.

NewsBlur has an API which any developer can build an app against.

I don’t have a Windows phone to test but there appears to be at least one app out there:

Thanks Martin, I think I’ll try switching… I’ve also pinged the authors of WonderReader to see if they will be switching :slight_smile:

‘Feed me’ works pretty well and has newsblur integration

In addition to Feedme, there’s also Metroblur.

First of all, I have found that the website is useful enough on my WP8 phone when rotated landscape and just the rare double-tap to bring something in focus and then back out.

That said, I’m in the camp of developers that have started working on a true WP8/Win8 Newsblur client but haven’t gotten far enough into the process that I have anything to show for it just yet.

Feed Reader offered an option within the last two weeks or so…