Will social functionality be optional?


I migrated from Google Reader because they tend to collect and connect every data possible from your account, something i dont agree with. NewsBlur was the most convenient alternative i found.

I know that “social” is the big thing coming soon to NewsBlur. How will this affect a user, who doesnt want to use any social features and doesnt want his data to be shared?


No problem. Social is entirely opt-in. If you share stories, they will show up in your public feed. If you don’t share any stories, you won’t even have a public feed. And if you don’t fill out any social information, you can’t even be followed by other users. I figured that was a good compromise.

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Does this mean that, if we share something, *anyone* else can see it? Or only the people that follow us that we share with (a la GReader)?

It’ll be public. I have no plans to support private group sharing. Not that I’m against the idea, but it’s far too complicated and is not yet on the radar.

That sounds good, thank you. Mayor companies cant be trusted with such things anymore.

That is, unless we ‘share’ to a private network, like Facebook, right?