Why not include Buffer to share stories in Newsblur?

Can you include Buffer in the share stories support please, I use it a lot to co-ordinate social media updates so direct integration would be incredibly useful

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Yeah, I should have Buffer. Adding it now. I expect it to be deployed later tonight when I launch a backend infrastructure change.

This is now launched.

I don’t even know what Buffer is, but I’m awfully impressed by this turnaround time! Now to go think of some other feature to add to Newsblur…

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What happen to Buffer integration? Any chance this can be added to the beta? Just rediscovering the app today. Much improved performance. Well done!


Got an email a couple of days ago to say there was a reply to this thread and was pleasantly surprised to see Newsblur saying that they’d add Buffer to develop usability.

This is great.

Only problem is that I don’t see it in Newsblur. Was it added?



You have to turn it on in your preferences first. On the website: choose the gear icon at the top right, change to the stories tab, and then enable Buffer.


Ah…I see. Checked this off this morning.
Shouldn’t this work on iOS version too though?