Why is there no way to increase the font size of the tiny listings on the left hand navigation pane (for desktop users?)

I like your app a lot, but the navigation left hand fonts are tiny for my eyes, and no way to adjust them. I’m spoiled by Reader’s large fonts I guess.

I"m a news curator and I’d seriously consider Newsblur if I could read the fonts on the left hand navigation (I know you provide font options for the middle pane stories, though adjusting the fonts for article titles in the middle would be a help also). Options for viewing help a LOT.



Well, I can’t get a response but happy to report that if anyone is having a similar issue, Firefox renders Newsblur in much larger fonts on Windows machines with less problems.

Aside from trouble engaging with anyone from Newsblur the reader is just fantastic.

Glad to hear it. You have to understand the massive amount of support I’m doing all this week (and every week). If you want a response, either email or ping a support thread again.

Understood. I wasn’t aware there was an email. I get how crazy things must be right now. I’m hopeful in the future you’ll have a bit more time to engage but I get that right now it’s tough. I was partially choosing a reader based on how peeps engaged and that part was really hard to judge, because there’s no way to tell how it will be when things level out.

I pay for the product and would gladly pay even more if it helps with resources.

As an RSS super user I can tell you your product is miles ahead of everyone else’s. It’s incredible. In particular ability to read a range of custom RSS feeds is fabulous.

thank you for providing me a life with a reader post Google Reader. I will be forever in your debt for this.

Newsblur is the best. Thanks.