Why is "Saved Stories" visible outside of "Saved Stories" view?

I’m a bit confused by the sidebar. It has those four buttons at the bottom, that switch between all, unread, focus and saved stories. Then, in all, unread and focus mode I still get “saved stories” section in the list above. Why is that? If I’d like to read saved stories, I just switch to that view. Having a separate “saved stories” entry is confusing, especially if it comes with a counter, that looks like unread count. Visually, it suggests that there are new things to read, when you’re in “unread” section - except there aren’t.

Here’s a screenshot that shows the duplicate “saved” sections:

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I didn’t design it, but they do different things: “Saved Stories List” shows all saved stories in a single list, and “Saved Stories View” lets you see the saved stories broken down by the feeds they came from.

I agree that it is a little weird, though. The “Saved Stories List” never changes, no matter whether you’re in All/Unread/Focus/Saved mode. The “Read Stories” list is also special in this way.

I think the main issue here is that the “clock” icon doesn’t really convey “saved”; ironically, it’s the presence of that “Saved Stories List” that helps associate the icon with the function. I guess the idea behind the clock was “saved for later” but the clock only really the “later” part of that. A bookmark or archive box would be a better fit.