Why are Story disabled for most of my websites ?

I have an issue since less than a week.
Before, most of the websites i follow were in Story mode and it was perfect.
But few days ago, I had an issue.
Now, it seems that my “Story” mode in out of service. I just have a white page instead…
Can someone have a solution ?
Thank you

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Could be because Newsblur is on HTTPS now and many of the sites in story mode are http only, so chrome is complaining (in my case, anyway)

Yes, this is absolutely correct. I’m going to try to allow http access again, but this is the cause. You have to enable Mixed Content by clicking the little lock next to your browser’s address bar.

Yeay !

Thank you Joe & Sam !

Sam, I tried to look at the lock but that was not the solution. (on Chrome 38 in my case)

But here is the trick that worked for me :

  • Go on Newslur on a page on Story Mode

  • On the right of the adress bar, click on the little shield to allow :slight_smile:

Explainations here :

I’ll be glad to have regular HTTP access again. I chose a standard connection in my preferences for a reason (this one)… :-/ At least in Chrome, this is a bit of a nightmare—an extra click, waiting for the page to reload, etc.—a big waste of time. I’d use Feed or Text views for more feeds if I could, but they aren’t always viable alternatives for some feeds.