Where's the BASIC CONSUMER 101 refund policy and credit card chargeback?????

Where is your cancelation policy??? I want my money back. I paid for a premium account to feed your stupid dog and the dog took my money then bit me with a standard account. Lose the dog crap. Refund my money!!! Will be reporting you to Mastercard shortly.


Gosh, Iā€™m a one-man operation under a huge load. I just ask for a bit of patience until I get things sorted out. I upgraded your account by hand, although it should have happened automatically. Hope you enjoy the site!

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I agree about the account policy, moreover the privacy policy should also be mentionned.

And finally, I am worried about how you manage this project.
Actually you have difficulties to handle the load, that is fully understandable, but asking to promote your service even more in your last tweets is completely insane from my point of view at this stage.

Well, good luck, I hope that all of that will be sorted out soon.