When using story view the space bar doesn't scroll the story

Maybe I’m trying to use newsblur how it wasn’t intended. I like being able to use just the keyboard when reading my feed (in google reader). I can use the n key to go to the next story but space won’t scroll the story. I can click in the story iframe but then n doesn’t work to go to the next story. Is it possible have the story view scroll on space?


For me, in chrome, neither the scroll-wheel or the scroll buttons work. I have to manually hold the scrollbar to scroll the story. Weird.

Scrolling depends on whether or not the iframe has focus. Since you are on Story view, you are already off newsblur.com and are on another domain, which means NewsBlur can’t communicate with the contents of the iframe (and watch keystrokes to do the appropriate action). The Original page works because NewsBlur proxies it. It would be possible to fake all links and proxy the hell out of the Internet, but it would be a) slow, b) frowned upon, c) hard to get right, and d) broken in too many places with the help of iframe busters as to be unusable.