"When opening a site" preference relevant only for Text & Story reading views

When a site has a default reading view of either Text or Story, it seems the “When opening a site” preference is ignored and the first item is selected and opened (and in my case marked as read as well).
Is this on purpose? Anyway around this issue?

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It’s actually designed that way. Otherwise you’d have a blank screen. I’m thinking about solutions for this one.

I’m curious: do you mean a blank screen in the reading pane?
Why not show the “Select a story to read” as always?

That notification is actually brand new. I haven’t adapted it for other views yet, which requires work, which requires time, which is something I’m particularly short of at the moment. If you remind me I’ll get to it, which is not ideal I realize. But otherwise there are always more important things to get to.

My intention was not get this issue solved as soon as possible but only to make sure it’s documented and perhaps voted on.
Thanks & keep up the good work.

Guess what, I noodled on it for a bit, and just deployed what I think will be a good fix for this. Let me know what you think. Works for both Story view and Text view.

Works just as expected.
Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi again,
This issue is relevant to folder view as well.
(should these issues be posted to github instead of here?)