When I click on any story in Global Shared Stories on iOS NewsBlur app version 4.0, the app immediately crashes.

As of the new update today, I can’t read any stories in Global Shared on my phone using the app - clicking on any of them gives me a momentarily black screen and then I go back to the phone home screen.


Thank you for letting me know. I just fixed the issue and will be releasing a patch update in the next week. It has a couple other small fixes, but this one is the worst bug found so far.

Awesome, you’re a rockstar.

Similarly, IOS app 4.0 on ipad retina mini, when I try to open an *unread* story in any of my contact’s blurblogs, app crashes nearly 100% of the time (i am sent back to ios home screen).

Yep, same bug. It crashes on trying to figure out unread counts on feeds you dont subscribe to. Problem is that during testing, I happened to subscribe to all the feeds that were on Global at the time. Even during testing here, I seemed to subconsciously tap on feeds i subscribed to, even in shared.