Whats real-time and why isn't it working for me?


So I’m new to newsblur but pretty quickly paid a year premium just to support it.

Whats bugging me for a few days now is the promise of real-time updates. I’m only using newsblur on web right now and the only thing what really is real-time right now is the subscribed newssites flash for a short moment when new news are there.

What I expect real-time to be is when I click on “All site stories” on the left menu and scroll through the news and come back an hour later I have new news in the overview and not press “r” or “f5” to reload the news in the overview to get the latest news.

The only thing where real-time for me really is working is the Homesite. There is a “All site stories”-block which updates constantly.

Is that really it? Is there no real-time article updating when I click on All site stories or a category or a specific site on the left panel? Is it just the flashing and the thing on the homesite?


That’s correct, but I have a redesign in the works that expands the dashboard to include more folders and more options for how those dashboard stories look. I agree that reading by folder should somehow show new stories as they come in. I have some ideas of how to do that, basically cribbing off of how Twitter shows new tweets have come in.