What happened to the sharing services icons?

Its probably me being thick but when I view Newsblur through Chrome on desktop and select an article, I see no sharing services icons event though I have them selected in Preferences.

Im sure I used to see a bar of mini icons next to each article and now theyve vanished?

How to I get them back!?

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You might be thinking of how Feedly does it. You have to right-click the story title and you’ll see your preferred services.

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Ah ha! Me being thick then!! :slight_smile:

hmm…I guess it would be nice to have some icons under the save button on the right hand side of the screen for quick access. Is that how Feedly does it? I like Newsblur much more than Feedly (even if the icons are a right click away) :slight_smile:

Oh…and thanks!