What exactly is saved if you save a story?

I assume only the content of the feed and not the whole text of the article - correct?

That means if I want to come back to a story later and the original website does no longer exist I can’t read it.
In other words: you can’t build up a long lasting archive with saved stories, can you?



I don’t know about “long lasting”, but the starred/saved items does contain the entire feed item’s content.

Due to observed performance of fetching starred items via the api, there is no way that it is re-fetching this content from the source website.

But, yes, if the feed does not contain the full content of the article, I doubt NewsBlur goes to fetch it.

Thanks, that’s what I have expected.
So I guess to preserve important articles I am better off sending them to pocket.

NewsBlur will preserve the entire story as it sees it. So what you see in the Feed view is preserved. The Text view (what Pocket extracts when you save to it) is not saved.

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