Website: Bigger fonts

Please implement a setting for bigger fonts to make things more readable.

You can make the fonts bigger by using your browser, but that’s not permanent and it sometimes breaks the site since it is applied everywhere, not only on the story text.


Hmm, perhaps a space for custom CSS would be preferable. That way the stylesheet is tied to your account.

Anyway, this is something I’d like to build. Not a top priority, but I can see myself getting to this in the next few months.

Nice to hear that you’re interested.

Even a simple small-regular-large toggle for the font size would be enough. Custom CSS would be great of course, but I think it would go way too far and pose too many problems to implement.


Actually, the reason I suggested a custom CSS field is because it’s way easier to build. No interface needed, so I just have to make a field for you to save your css, then display it on page load. Simple.

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Sure, but there’s the problem with those like me who don’t understand a word of CSS :wink:

bigger fonts would be awesome

Premium account holder here. Between the small font-size and the exceedingly low contrast, I can barely read the tags in an individual story’s tag list (and I’m not sure that the drop-shadow on hover is helping any).

I get that making tags less prominent is a good thing, in that it helps users to focus on the stories. Maybe there is a way to 1) increase the contrast overall and 2) make tags more readable (larger font-size, taking up more space) only when the user is interacting with tags, keeping the smaller profile otherwise?

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I would love to see this be implemented into the site, as well as a short guide/legend detailing the major classes/element id’s or what have you that we can apply custom CSS to.

I would love to see this as I already use Stylebot to control the font-size in the NB-story-titles class. Seeing a native option for premium users (or all users, but perhaps it could be used to incentivize) would be awesome.