Web View Layout Preferences Saved Per Device/Computer

Is it possible to have the web view layout preferences be specific to each computer?

Situation: I access Newsblur on the web via two separate computers. One computer has a very large screen, and the other is a small 11 in laptop. I use the split view on the web.

If I change the layout size/spacing to optimize for the small 11" screen, when I access it on the large display, Newsblur looks unnecessarily compact. The opposite happens if I change the settings to optimize for the large display: when I log into the web on the 11" laptop, the columns are too spread out.

Any chance some local cookies could be created/set and cached to “remember” the specific layout settings I make on each device?

I know easier said than done…

I’d also be curious to see if anyone else has run into a similar situation?

It’s not possible right now because there are next to no per-computer settings for the web app. If you knew a bit of JS you could override it, but it wouldn’t be convenient.

That said, I’d be happy to build this if there’s demand. So post here if you’ve like to see this and why.

Thanks Sam! I figured as much, but wanted to post to see if I was the only one in this boat.

Appreciate the idea about custom JS. I’ll look into that as a temp solution!

Sam— your mention of a Mac catalyst app would solve this problem, right? You could set machine-specific layout preferences in the app?