Web suggestions/ideas

Here is a list of suggestions/ideas to improve Newsblur on the web:

  1. In Organize Sites, have a filter to show feeds that don’t fetch anymore because they are dead or have moved. I know that in Organize sites I can see the last time there was a story published in a feed. But that doesn’t tell me if it’s because there were no news or if the feed is actually dead.

  2. I only display unread items. In the left navigation tree, “All Site Stories” should show the total count of unread items. It does this next to “All Shared Stories” and “Saved Stories”. I find it annoying because inside All Site Stories, it lists all feeds with for each the count of unread items… but there is no way to see the total count of all those unread items.

  3. I have the Tooltips preference enabled but it doesn’t seem to work (Edge on W10), or not where I expect it to. For example, at the top right, there is an icon with a list with a V on top and a + on the left. I clicked the + and now it shows 14D, 7D, and so on. No tooltips are shown to explain what this button does. I guess it will mark as read all items older than 7 days? It’s just a guess. I’d be afraid to click it to find out it does something else and I have no undo! Or maybe there is a confirmation popup. Anyway, the point is… no tooltips showing to explain the UI.

  4. The Style menu should be contextual and only show relevant options for the current view selected. This would make it a bit simpler for people to customize correctly their view. So if you use the Grid view, hide the Split view options. If you use Magazine view, hide split and grid views options. Showing only relevant options will make it feel simpler.

Thanks again for the great tool!

Hey, I love this list but please split them into four different threads, each with their own subject lines. That way we can have a discussion about each of them and include screenshots without getting confused.

Done, you can delete this post!