Web Interface showing only a few Feeds/Updates - Mobile shows everything


The web interface is only showing a handful of stories from a few of the sites for me. This is true across multiple browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi) and on a different computers (all Windows OS). Changing a folder from “Unread” to “All”, only shows the stories/feed from those select sites.

The mobile app (android) is showing all stories from all the sites.

What additional information can I supply to help you to help me to identify and correct the issue?

Thank you.

Hi, can you post a full browser screenshot so I can take a look? Feel free to email it to samuel@newsblur.com.

Closing out the loop on this one. With Sam’s help we identified that I had put my feed into “Focused” mode. My bad. Thank you again Sam for all the help with figuring this out!