Web Beta: Why is "Story button placement" not showing on the right?

In the web beta, even though I’ve selected “Story Button Placement” as “Show buttons on the right (when there is room)”, the buttons are always showing under the story. In the old version, on my browser (Linux Chrome 91.0.4472.101), it switches from the bottom to the right when the window size gets to around 760px. On the beta, it doesn’t switch unless I maximize the window (1200px); even if I drag the window to the full screen width, it looks like the window borders take up enough space to keep the buttons on the bottom. This occurs regardless of whether the option to fold the story content to 700px is selected.

I can’t see any reason why the new layout would need that much more room; they don’t look noticably larger. Honestly, I’d prefer to be able to configure it to force the buttons to the right regardless of window size.

You’re right, I changed the definition of “narrow” content in regards to those story side option buttons and now a story is considered narrow a bit wider than before.

Good idea, I’ll make a third option that lets you force it to the right, even when content is narrow. I can’t get to it now but I’ll change that soon.