Way to view trained stories only?

I’d like a way to view all the stories that are “green” in my feeds at once. Sort of a “must read” meta-feed. Does such a function exist that I just can’t find?


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If you’re using the web client, bottom left, click “Focus”.

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Aw, I’m a dummy. Well, this presents a bug then. If you resize the sidebar to the right (or wrong in this case) size, you can’t see the focus button:

You’re on Windows, right? What browser? I have it set to collapse the intelligence slider (a outdated name for that segmented control) when the feed pane is narrower. But it seems that it isn’t the right size.

Also, every client should have the All/Unread/Focus control.

Windows 7, Chrome 32.0.1700.76 m

There you go, I just fixed that control in Chrome on Windows. Should truncate a lot better now.

I apologize for not thanking you for this sooner. It’s really amazing to see such responsiveness form a developer. Certainly makes me an even more loyal NewsBlur user!