way to see all hidden items?

(on dev.newsblur.com)

In the All Site Stories view I can see that I have a certain number of items that are hidden because of negative-training. Is there a way to see those items? Sometimes I notice a “view hidden” button in the header when looking at individual feeds, but from the All Site Stories view I have no way of seeing which feeds have those hidden items.


I’m planning to build the button in, but it’s a bit of work.

I see that a button has showed up, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

It should. You may have to scroll to find the hidden stories.

Button’s gone now?

Ditto, would like to see what the down-trained (red) items are, just to confirm that the filter’s working correctly.

You can only see the button on individual feeds, not folders.

I’d find it a lot more usable if it could show all hidden stories – with hundreds of feeds and only a few red tags, I don’t look forward to going through each feed to try to find the few that have hidden items.

+1 to alxndr’s comment. I’ve got 232 feeds, and frankly I can’t even recall which one I trained to hide items…

Keep up the good work!