Warn when "mixed content" cannot be loaded, story view "seems to be broken"

I’ve been reading Dilbert with “Story view”, since their feed doesn’t really work anymore. But lately (I guess since the last Firefox update), story view hasn’t been working.

So I checked the Firebug console: “Blocked loading mixed active content”.

I’ve used Newsblur with HTTPS, and surely Firefox blocks content from Dilbert (just HTTP), and I think that is a good thing. However, neither the browser nor Newsblur warned me what had happened. To me, before I checked the console, it just seemed like the “Store view” was broken.

Is there any way to give such a warning?



To answer your last question first, not currently as the browser blocks silently as far as the web app is concerned. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug…

There is a shield icon that shows up where the SSL padlock usually is when mixed content blocking kicks in but it’s very subtle and nothing like the obvious notification you get when pop-ups are blocked.

You can turn of mixed content blocking for a single page but there is currently no persistence either within an session nor indefinitely. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug…

This doesn’t quite answer your question, but…

In some cases, when the mixed content is available over https but just not referenced that way, HTTPS Everywhere can help.

There’s a third-party Dilbert feed that someone created using Yahoo Pipes.

Thanks for suggestions guys.

I guess you’re sort of missing the point of my suggestion. I get how this works now, my suggestions was aimed at everyone who is not yet getting it. Giving a warning of some sorts, which is visible, will help these people understand why the browser won’t show the contents. In stead of thinking that Newsblur is broken…

Love Newsblur, just thought this minor feature would make it a little bit better. But it probably covers a very small corner case, so if it is hard to implement, never mind :slight_smile:


People get your point. Follow the link that Martin provided you above – any warning currently would need to take place at the browser level, not the web app (Newsblur) level. Unless or until Mozilla changes things, it isn’t something Sam could add to Newsblur.


Sorry, should have followed the link.

How about adding a warning in the preferences dialog?