Want read feeds to disappear from left side list immediately

Want the feeds that have been read (no unread stories) to go away from the left side without having to go in and do a force refresh. In other words, when in “Unread” mode, the left-side should only show feeds that actually have unread stories. If this is a setting that I have just missed, pleas let me know.

Also - nice feature would be to add a mode what you can display saved stories by feed. This could be added at the bottom of the left side menu - have All, Unread, Focus and Saved. maybe.

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That’s odd, the Unread view should only be showing feeds with unreads. Can you post a screenshot?

Saved Stories by feed are a planned feature.

Sure. The screen shot below is from my iPad. I have marked all stories in Daring Fireball as read, gone into a few other feeds, and when I come back to the feeds, Daring Fireball still shows in the list. It does not list new stories, but I don’t want to see it at all if there are no unread stories.

It does on the website but in the iOS app (can speak for android) they remain, they’ll only be hidden after a refresh (manual or automatic when opening the app after it’s been in the background for a while) or you switch view mode.

Ah-ha, yes, on iOS this is absoutely intentional. It’s so you know what you read, since that view is not ever-present.

How do you mean? The iOS app has the same three main view modes as the site; All, Unread and Focus, why shouldn’t the work the same in the app as on the site.

Isn’t the whole point of the Unread view that it doesn’t show my what I’ve read, only what I haven’t?

It’s a design point specific to iOS. We did it the web way on Android and I regret it. In fact, I have a ticket to bring the iOS behavior to Android.

Wow, I really wish you wouldn’t. I have both iOS and android and far prefer the android implementation. Or, if you have to include it, please give users a choice to opt out in settings. When I have read a feed I don’t want it to be visible. The main purpose of newsblur for me is to get better handle on the firehose of info I follow. By keeping the feed there after reading, you are making me deal with that feed again. I prefer a touch once approach.

seconding Kurt on all counts, with the bonus of I dislike having to learn two different interface behaviors for desktop and mobile.

Same here, I would prefer stories/folders to disappear after all feeds were marked as read within.

RE: "It’s so you know what you read"

I know what I’ve read because, well, I read it. I don’t need NewsBlur to remind me what I’ve read. I need it to track and point out new stuff and then get out the way.

I support doing it the kurt-way as well.

If I needed to see what has been read and what hasn’t I’d be using the All view mode. When using the unread view mode all I care about is seeing what hasn’t been read.

Great point, Hampus - the “all view” mode already provides seeing both read and unread items.

So, will you create a setting to give users control over this?

I actually prefer the iOS way and would like it on the Web version, maybe with a refresh button.

Often multiple feeds are speaking about the same story and I like being able to go back to the post I just read on a subject without having to click on “All”, which shows far too many feeds rather than the 10% that had unread posts today.

Dominic, you want a read stories feed, which is coming soon. It’s actually built, but I have to make sure it can scale well.


Brilliant! Ok, ignore my above comment :slight_smile:

So does that clear the way to set up the unread view to actually only show unread stories?

just checking in, Samuel - when you add the “read stories” feed that you mention, will you set up the “unread stories” feed to only shows stories that are unread?