Volume Control for Podcasts

I would love to see a volume control associated with the audio player. I use Newsblur as my primary podcast client and you like to be able to control audio volume independently from the system volume.

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I use the default browser audio player, as part of HTML5. There’s no control I have without building my own custom player. You should be able to control volume using that built in native player.

That’s really odd, then. Above is a screen grab of the audio player I see in Newsblur’s feed view. Below is the Chrome audio player, which I accessed by clicking on a link in a blog entry. In the Chrome player, I see a volume control, but in the Newsblur player, I don’t. Maybe I am looking at the wrong resolution? Is there something in Newsblur obscuring the volume? It’s not a big deal. At this point, I’m just curious.

In fact, upon further review, when I initially access feed view in Newsblur, I see the Chrome audio player. But it quickly disappears and is replaced by the overlay I posted above. In fact, it happens in both Chrome and in Firefox.