Viewing a folder with all stories read shows the stories from ALL feeds

Alright, so I just noticed this:

  • I finished reading all the stories in a folder and did a refresh by pressing “r” on the keyboard
  • normally there shouldn’t have been anything displayed, but instead I was surprised to see ALL the unread stories from ALL feeds
  • I reconfirmed this by selecting viewing “ALL” the feeds and folders as well and I selected a different folder which didn’t have any unread stories and indeed, I again saw all the unread stories
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Was it a folder called ‘Culture’ by any chance? I have dozens of 500 errors because the feed_id sent wasn’t the story’s feed id but the folder id.

No. The folder was called “FLOSS” and the other one that I tested was called “Cooking”. I just tested and it’s happening with another folder: “grafica” (it’s in romanian) and I also created an empty folder “empty-testing” (it doesn’t contain any feeds) and it’s happening with this one as well. It seems I can reproduce with any empty folder…

OK, I figured out a decent way to fix this without breaking functionality for lots of clients that rely on an empty river call to fetch all feeds instead of none. Deployed.

This may be a coincidence, but I have a folder named “Culture”, and have the same problem (I’m also seeing items from a feed for “Global Voices”, which I don’t subscribe to, in the “empty folder” stories, don’t know if that’s related at all.) Hopefully the fix will work for me as well, but I thought you might want to be made aware of the “Culture” folder connection.

The fix seems to be working on folders which contain feeds and no unread stories. But it doesn’t work on folders which don’t contain any feeds (in these I’m still seing stories).