Videos won't work in Firefox

The video embeds won’t work in Firefox (i’m using the Aurora branch) for some weeks. Newsblur only displays a blank area where the video should be. The problem only appears in Firefox, in Chrome everything’s fine. Could you look into it? You can use Boing boing as a test feed.


Did you disable flash? That’s probably the culprit.

No, Flash works all right in other tabs. To make it more mystical, Soundcloud embeds do work, only the content of video iframes are missing.

I’m having this issue with Chrome and Firefox :frowning:

No problem so far to me.

Weird. I see this on both Mac OS and Linux and on Chrome and Firefox. If I open the sites it works fine, but inside NewsBlur it doesn’t work.

Any ideas how to try and debug this?

Maybe it has to do with some websites specifically.

Failblog amongst others. Interesting enough it’s working on Safari and Opera.

Problem solved. Mixed content from https and http.

I used NewsBlur on HTTPS only and websites with Flash were all HTTP, so mixed content didn’t show up. I think this was changed recently on Chrome, around version 28 or so.

On Firefox you want to manually disable this setting for NewsBlur.

Same here, no flash videos on Firefox.

How come mixed content works with Chrome but not with Firefox?

On Chrome you have to change NewsBlur to use a standard connection (non secure). On Firefox you can click on the shield left to the address bar and click on “Keep Blocking”, it’ll show you an option to allow mixed content from