Videos in blog posts now start playing automatically?

Why are videos now starting to play automatically in Newsblur?

I pulled up my list of feeds and was startled to hear audio coming from my speakers… it was a post on The Dish (Andrew Sullivan’s blog) several posts down from what I was currently reading.

When I shut that one off, another one started.

This is undesirable behavior, to put it mildly. Is anyone else seeing this?

(My configuration: Macintosh OS X 10.8.4, Google Chrome 27.0.1453.116)


I have nothing to do with it. It’s the publisher’s decision to auto play videos in their feeds.

That being said, I just upgraded my feed parser and it now handles embeds far better than before. So what was happening was that parts of the embed were being mangled before, whereas now they work fine.


Thanks, Samuel… that makes sense. I *thought* that autoplay would have been something that was set at the publisher’s site, but I was also quite sure that videos had *not* been autoplaying previously, so it was clear that *something* had changed very recently.

I’ll figure out some way to deal with it… turn the speakers down, I reckon.

This happens on one particular feed for me on NewsBlur iOS app (  Is that the same problem?

It is weird too, because the video element sorta starts “growing slowly”, then in a couple of seconds later it starts playing.  Nothing like other videos in other feeds.

It’s super annoying.