Video Issue - playback keeps stopping

When launching videos from within Newsblur iPhone app playback stalls.

This doesn’t occur every time, but once it occurs all videos stall about every 2 seconds.

Once the problem has occurred every video stalls until the phone is powered off and on again. This is true even if videos are played outside the Newsblur app (e.g. in the Youtube app)

While the device wide nature of the problem suggest that this is iOS rather than the Newsblur app I have only ever seen the stalling start in the Newblur app so I believe it may be something in the app triggering the problem.

This is not a bandwidth problem, it occurs on my home broadband which is 37MBs down/7MBs up.

I’m using an iPhone 6 Plus 128GB

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Got an example story/feed that I can use to reproduce the issue?

Hi, apologies for the delay in responding. There is obviously multiple things in play here because the issue hasn’t occurred since I posted the support request. I’ve specifically been playing videos to try to make it occur.

It has occurred several times in the past so I’ sure it will happen again. When it does I’ll gather as much information as possible. Is there anything specific you’d like me to look for?

To answer your question specifically, I don’t recall it being linked to a specific feed. I don’t watch a huge number of videos, but the largest proportion probably come from Fail Blog ( Gotta love people falling over.


Ok, I had it happen this evening. It appears to relate to a rotation issue. I can’t recreate it at will, but the symptom is that a rotation ends with the page offset horizontally about halfway across the screen…

Rotating back fixes the offset issue but any subsequent videos played have the issue of stopping every 2 seconds. As I said before this isn’t just in Newsblur the YouTube app is also affected.

I’ll carry on trying to get more detailed steps to create the problem.



After a lot of testing I am now pretty sure that this isn;t specifically a Newsblur App issue. I just saw it there more often due to the number of videos in my feeds.

I removed the app from my device and have still seen the problem, including today with the Facebook app.

Basically rotating my iPhone 6 Plus while playing a video will sometimes cause the problem. After which videos played through any app, including Safari, stop every 2 seconds. It isn;t a bandwidth issue because I can see that the video continues to download even after it has stopped, it just won’t play all the way through.

I haven’t yet worked out a reliable fix other than a full restore. The issue survives a power down and a hard reset.

In some cases it fixes itself after a random time period, other times only a restore does the trick.

While I’d be happy if anyone has any ideas I’m really posting this to make it clear that this isn;t specifically a Newsblur App issue