Video ads auto playing in iOS app

Long time user, new problem. Today for the first time ever this has occurred.

Full screen video ads are auto playing in two of my feeds. Sometimes the ads even start playing long after I have returned to from the feed list. The two where I am seeing this is 9to5mac and macrumors feeds.

The ads are loud even though my phone is switched to silent.


So I took a look and noticed it’s not exactly an add but a pre-roll ad before an autoplaying video. Macrumors just has auto-playing videos, which is kinda sucky of them.

If you let it play a bit, which story is the video from?

I have used Newsblur since Google Reader closed for over an hour or more each day. Both of these feeds have always been in my list.

I have never encountered an autoplaying video before in news blur without going into the full page.

The ads aren’t visible in the stories. No videos on the page autoplay in Safari, and I cannot see the ad in Safari.

An example video ad that plays is in “WSJ Posts Full Video of Tim Cook Discussing Apple Pay, Apple Watch and more.”

Even just tapping on the article in the article list for a split second and going back causes havoc.

This is new behaviour.